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"Since 1989, the world has seen one of the most unprecedented political events of the modern era. The upheaval of the communist bloc has prompted a process of global political transformation: that of democratization. Naturally, such a process can not be carried out overnight or granted. Systems with a voice of democratization have great difficulties during the transition from "old" regimes to the democratization of their countries. It's not just about changing constitutions, having free elections, parliaments, and independent justice to build democracy. And it is not only the leaders who have trouble understanding what democracy is, but also especially the people whose political understanding has been formed by the experience of the previous system. Indeed, a democracy needs citizens. 

The Club des Amis du Cameroun, a non-governmental development organization, intends to make its modest contribution to a better understanding of the notion of democracy and to instil a certain democratic culture in the population, with a view to training citizens in Cameroon. Education for democracy and human rights thus appears as one of the major axes of the action of CAMIC itself. Which does not mean that we will relegate to the background our favorite themes: protection of biodiversity and nature, health, access to drinking water, microcredit, food security , agriculture, education, training and supervision of youth. 

We are simply convinced that a democratic society is a platform from which many development actions can be taken. In this surge of ideas, the Club des Amis du Cameroun intends to rely on the foundations, non-governmental organizations, associations, and all public and private donors who will well direct their funds towards our club, and thus encourage our development efforts. In doing so, they will have made a significant contribution to the great work of building a more united, stable and prosperous Cameroon.                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                             LONG LIVE TO THE FRIENDS CLUB OF CAMEROON! Thank you. " 


                                                                                                              Jean ONGOLO, founding President of the Club des Amis du Cameroun.


CAMIC helped me a lot to build myself as a young Cameroonian. They have allowed me to flourish academically and professionally, and to see me as a potential citizen capable of boosting the development of his country by creating wealth. Patriotism is not only a duty, it is also a philosophy!

Sandra Ongolo - Douala